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Firangi Paani

Road No 1&10 Banjara Hills , Hyderabad

Firangi Paani
Road No 1&10 Banjara Hills , Hyderabad ,


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About the place

Firangi Paani transports you to an English pub. Large kegs have been innovatively turned into tables. Leather upholstered chairs, lots of polished wood, antiques imported from England and an exquisitely crafted ship right in the middle of the bar recreate a perfectly colonial ambience. The bar serves an eclectic mix of cocktails, including a variety of maritinis, daiquiris and margaritas. Don't miss the special Polynesian cocktails. Besides its signature cocktails, Firangi Paani also serves a wide range of beers, scotches, wines and liqueurs. There's also a finger-licking variety of food to go with your tipple: choose from treats such as Tibetan chicken momos, fish and chips, hummus and pita bread, kathi rolls, spaghetti and falafel. The Firangi Paani DJ plays some great retro music to put you in the mood. The pub hosts Karaoke nights, so you can sing along.

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